You can now have your job application in English reviewed

Without help, it can be difficult to crack the codes of the Swedish labor market. Photo: Getty Images.

Many people find writing a good job application difficult. It is even more difficult if you are applying for a job in a new country. That’s why Engineers of Sweden offers reviews of CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles in English.

Here you can read the article in Swedish.

Sweden has a great need for engineers and many people working here come from other countries. Submitting an application in English is rarely a problem. The problem is rather how to write and what employers want to know. There are cultural differences between countries.

Erik Fors-Andrée. Photo: Helena Wahlman.

– Without help, it can be difficult to crack the codes of the Swedish labor market. The chances of getting a job in Sweden are greater if you understand how to write an application and present yourself, says Erik Fors-Andrée, CEO and founder of the company Go Monday, which reviews job applications from members of the union Engineers of Sweden.

More personal in Sweden

Erik Fors-Andrée has several examples of cultural differences in job applications.

– In no other country are job applications as personal as in Sweden. The difference is reflected in what the letters are called. In Sweden we say the personal letter. In English it is called a cover letter and is basically a CV in a different format.

Career support in English

Engineers of Sweden offers free of charge the following reviews in English:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Linkedin profile

The reviews are carried out by Go Monday. Upload documents you want to have reviewed here.

You will receive feedback in English within 48 hours, even during weekends.

More career services in English:

The most common mistake in foreign job applications is that they are not personal enough. Foreign engineers list training and certifications instead of describing their skills, strengths and experience.

In some countries, it is also common to promote yourself by referring to others. For example, people write that they have studied under the eminent professor x. This is a culture in which it is the merits of others that make the candidate successful.

Short CV and strong emotions in the US

In the US, it is normal to express strong emotions in your application. You often write ”I love” – that you love something about the job.

– In Sweden, we rarely use such strong words. It can feel exaggerated and not even credible.

When writing a CV, there are also cultural differences, especially in terms of length. In the US, the norm for a CV is one page, in Sweden two pages and in the rest of Europe sometimes three to four pages.

– It is important to remember that the relevance of your CV is important. Focus on what is most relevant to the position you are applying for.

Members of Engineers of Sweden can also have their Linkedin profiles reviewed in English. Erik Fors-Andrée says that even there the personal description is often missing. The profile has a tab called About me/About.

– This should be filled in and remember a CV never gets a job, it’s a person who gets a job.

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